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Spotlighting Past KyANA Presidents
Spotlighting Past KyANA Presidents
Posted on: Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Larry Owens, CRNA served as KyANA President in 1984-85. Larry graduated from the Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, WV and started practicing anesthesia in 1977. He currently resides in Lexington and is part of the Anesthesia Associates of Lexington group.


During Larry’s presidency, there were approximately 300 KyANA members and a big focus was on introducing and implementing the newly developed AANA guidelines for practice to Kentucky CRNAs. It was important for KY CRNAs to adopt the national standards to keep moving forward as practicing CRNAs. He served on the KyANA committee that created and formed job descriptions for the KyANA offices and committees for future members which was a big help for those wanting to be more involved in the organization.


After his presidency, Larry served on the AANA council for public interest of anesthesia and the council for practice to help further enhance the guidelines of anesthesia to what they have become today. Larry said, “I like every bit of being a CRNA and I still enjoy it today.” Larry enjoys showing others about our profession by getting nurses in to shadow and other students to see what a working and practicing CRNA does to help promote our profession for future generations.


In his free time Larry enjoys being a competition sailor, golfing, and tennis. Not only do we appreciate Larry’s dedication to our profession but also to our country, where after 30 years he retired from the Navy as a Commander and served our country in Iraq in 2003.