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Spotlighting Past KyANA Presidents
Spotlighting Past KyANA Presidents
Posted on: Wednesday, June 15, 2016

George Becker, CRNA, served as KyANA president from 1999-2002. George started his career as a nurse in 1978 and graduated from the anesthesia program from The George Washington University in 1992.

During George’s presidency there were approximately 300 KyANA members. The web page was developed and brought about to get the association into the world wide web and George became the first webmaster. He recommended adding money in the budget for students which further allowed the students to attend the AANA Mid-Year Assembly. At this time, the KNA was also brought in as a managing partner to assist in the areas of accounting, lobbyist, and legal team matters. In 1998 the Pacemaker, which was the formal newsletter, was created and mailed to the members.

George served on the government relations committee, public relations committee, and nominating committee at the state level. He also served on the minutes committee and as a program monitor on the national level, and was our representative on the health and finance committee and liaison to the Kentucky Nursing Expo for Kentucky. In June 2000, George helped organize the first out-of-state joint meeting with the Indiana association, which was held at King’s Island and offered pharmacology, ACLS, and PALS credits for those that attended.

“Being a CRNA is a very fulfilling and rewarding profession that I have loved,” said George. After 35 years he officially retired in February 2016 and has been traveling with more travels still to come and working on his honey do list. Also being a professional musician you never know where he may go. We thank George for his quality anesthesia service and his dedication to the KyANA.