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Spotlighting Past Presidents
Posted on: Monday, July 11, 2016
Mr. Gary Jenkins has been a huge asset to the Nurse Anesthesia population in Kentucky for over 44 years. He began practicing as a CRNA in 1972 and has served as President of KyANA 3 separate times for a total of 6 years.  The membership has grown in considerable numbers throughout Gary's service, for his first presidency there were less than 300 members, by the second term the association had grown to 425 CRNA members and by his final reign, KyANA had over 500 members.  
Kentucky is extremely fortunate to be an "opt-out state" and that groundwork was initiated under Gary's hand. Gary and Mr. Bob Wright were successful in staying under the radar for 2 years to begin the work towards the opt-out and began slowly adding other members to assist in the process. Gary was at the helm of our association as Mr. Weller Head & the late Mr. Glenn Ruppert obtained a restraining order against the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure to protect our profession against an influx of AA into Kentucky.  Mr. Head, Mr. Ruppert, and Mr. Jenkins made the intelligent decision to set up legal fund, and it began with $50,000.
Gary and Bob Wright own the largest all CRNA practice in Kentucky and are well known to students throughout the Commonwealth for their incredible knowledge and art of anesthesia as well as generosity in sponsorships for AANA meetings. They have been extremely instrumental in the education of the majority of the graduates of the Murray State Nurse Anesthesia program as clinical site preceptors.
In the two months Gary is retiring, but don't expect him to disappear, the AANA Annual Congress this September will be a very special and memorable time for him.  He has mixed feelings about his retirement, but is extremely excited to spend more time with his wife, Carol.
Thank you, Gary Jenkins, for your time & service to KyANA, and for sharing your knowledge & skills with the nurse anesthesia students you trained.