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Spotlighting Past Presidents
Posted on: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weller Head served as KYANA president 1995-96, 96-97, and 2004-05. During those years there were 400-500 CRNA members. Weller entered the Navy in 1961 and became a CRNA in 1973. He retired from the Navy in 1985 and continued on with his CRNA career in the states.
Prior to his presidency in 1987 Weller, along with Glenn Rupert (and support of Peggy McFadden and Gary Jenkins) got a cease and desist order against the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. This was regarding the licensure of PAs to administer anesthesia without formal anesthesia training. This became the birth of the AAs also needed to be a PAs in order to practice in Kentucky, which has kept AAs out of Kentucky for over 30 years!  Thankfully during his presidency things remained pretty quiet with the exception of the AA issue resurfacing for a few legislative sessions. Weller also served as the chairman for the AANA PAC committee. Weller said he was thankful for the mentoring he received from Peggy McFadden. He enjoyed practicing from 1973 until he retired in July of 2010. He wouldn't consider it work but got paid to have fun at the free standing surgical centers around Lexington where he practiced locally. 
In Shelby County on the farm is where he spends his days close to his family and especially his six grandchildren since retirement. He loves spending time with the grandchildren and enjoys having them so close. Weller said, "I still liked putting people to sleep, so I studied and became a priest in November of 2010." A passionate person when it comes to taking care of others in all aspects health and wellness. We are grateful for his service to our country and are very appreciative of his time spent serving the KYANA and promoting our profession and paving the way for CRNAs today!