New York 4/13/2020 Samantha Heavrin

KyANA CRNAs on the COVID-19 Front lines in the HotSpots
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Day 10 & 11: Easter ICU

The days are starting to merge together in an amalgamation of body aches, lack of sleep and homesickness.  I run from nurse to nurse helping as fast as possible. That’s my job. I support the nursing teams. I work hard to keep them from getting overwhelmed. I have come to love these sweet NYC nurses.

When I first arrived, the nurses were hesitant. I’m hoping they are growing to accept me. I want to have a positive impact on their lives. I want them to learn to trust me and seek me out for help.

For now, I am just the CRNA from Kentucky. The old lady with the accent. Im sure it creates hesitancy among the staff.  It’s a constant struggle. I look to my faith for reassurance.....God, you brought me HERE. Help me. Allow me to be a positive handmaiden to the unit in which I have been assigned. And, if you could make my feet hurt less, that would be much appreciated. Amen

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