New York 4/15/2020 Samantha Heavrin

KyANA CRNAs on the COVID-19 Front lines in the HotSpots
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NYC on the ground - As one of the healthcare workers here in NYC, I hear about a multitude of experiences. We share hotels with fellow workers and we have friends from home working alongside us. For the sake of anonymity, I want to bring these stories together to paint a picture of the NYC ICUs.

I particularly want to discuss a phenomenon seen in recovering patients. Let’s call it ‘impaired consciousness’. Some covid patients are surviving the disease only to become an ‘impaired’ version of their former self. This can be dramatic. Dramatic changes include patients who are bedridden, unable to interact, or perform any self care. Or minor impairment. In minor cases, patients can interact but they do not possess the same level of mental astuteness they once had.

There are a few articles on this subject. And, theories amongst medical teams. Here are a few of those theories:

1) Covid Brain Spread.  The question is whether covid could spread and infect the brain. This would be a necrotizing side effect of covid. Testing/autopsies have recorded covid spread thru trans-neuronal mode. It’s possible.

2) Microembolitic Syndrome.  Covid patients have a high incidence of embolisms. Many patients have been placed on anticoagulant therapy. These Microemboli can cause a storm on the brain resulting in brain damage.

3) Hypoxia.  It is obvious that ICU patients are oxygen deleted/hungry. Is the lack of o2 that has caused an anoxic brain injury?

4) Perhaps all of the above are happening?

Thank you friends. Let’s pray for these patients, that they may find God. Let’s pray for these families and their many upcoming difficult decisions.

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