New York 4/12/2020 Samantha Heavrin

KyANA CRNAs on the COVID-19 Front lines in the HotSpots
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Day 8: Julep Dreams.  It’s April in NYC. Friday night. Salle and I are off today. We awoke early and uber’d to an intermediate care center. We wanted to be the first people in the facility. There are 2 places you don’t want to be in NYC, a hospital and an Urgent Care Center. Our day off started with one of those two. The reason, thank God, was not illness related. We actually needed to do drug tests. Our deployment to NYC was so expedited that the drug screenings followed the deployment.

I have been involved in many pre-hire drug screenings. It’s really no big deal. I just cringed at the fact that I had to enter a covid hot bed to pee in a cup. Oh, and since we’re sharing...I couldn’t produce an adequate amount of urine for the test. Why? You ask. Well, when you’re wearing plastic sheeting and masks all day, you get dehydrated. And I have been so dehydrated. I had to sit and drink water for a hour. Eventually things worked out and we headed home.

It was so cold today in NYC. I dreamed of being back in Louisville and the excitement that spring brings to our town. April is ambrosial. Louisville awakens from its winter slumber and everything blooms in a spectrum of gorgeous colors.  Louisville takes southern charm to the extreme as locals plan parties with bourbon, mint and lots of sugar! Our town becomes the worlds celebration for one Saturday in May. But, in Louisville, we start the party in April and it lasts the entire month.  Sigh....Celebrating the Kentucky Derby was something we used to do.

Salle and I return from our errand in the bitter wind of NYC. This city remains strong but her streets are lonely and empty with bright lights but no one to see them.  Salle and I decide to sleep a little. I crawl into my hotel bed, pull up the covers and close my eyes. I can hear the howling wind outside my high-rise hotel window. It’s an acerbic reminder of the pandemic.  I immediately drift off. I dream of racing horses and derby hats. If only for a little while, I’m back home in a world free of disease and isolation.  May all your dreams come true my friends! Stay safe and healthy.


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