New York 4/10/2020 Samantha Heavrin

KyANA CRNAs on the COVID-19 Front lines in the HotSpots
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Day 8: Great Honor. It’s been a long few days in the hospital. Today, we left our units with sweaty, tired bodies that ached from head to toe. As we made our way outside the hospital, we were met with the 7pm Thank You. I’m sure many of you know that everyday at 7pm, the city stops and cheers for the healthcare workers. New Yorkers open their windows to shout and cheer! The firemen and policemen turn on their sirens. They bang pots and flicker lights. They beep horns and ring church bells. It feels like the whole world stops for us. It’s absolutely positively overwhelming. Standing at our exit was the fire department. And they clapped as we walked out. We were being cheered by the exact same station that answered the call on 9/11. These men were there that day. And, their losses were unimaginable. It’s one thing to read about it, it’s something entirely different when they are standing in front of you clapping. It was surreal to watch these hero’s give us thanks. I looked at them and I knew I was looking at the faces of courage. How could I ever be deserving of their thanks? I cannot express the honor I feel at this moment. I am grateful to be in this incredible city. I am happy to serve and even happier to be amongst such incredible people.God Bless New York :heart::pray::skin-tone-2::heart:



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